What Is Sound Healing? 

Sound has been used by native and eastern cultures for thousands of years as a way to heal. Sound healing utilizes specific vibrational frequencies to restore balance in the body and brain. 

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The body actually has an energetic field that can have a major impact on our lives including how we act, how we feel and how we interact with others. 

In yoga and Ayurveda, the energetic field of the body is explained in terms of the seven chakras . The chakras are energy centers within the body. Each is responsible for different functionalities and each has an emotional root. However, these chakras are far from separate and ideally work together to create balance and harmony within the body. When the chakras are out of balance, this can create problems often in the form of physical ailments, illness and disease. 

Sound healing works to balance the energetic field of the body by aligning the chakras and restoring the body back to neutrality. Sound healing works deep at the cellular level and is increasingly being supported by scientific research. Forms of sound healing are even being used as a way to treat cancer

Sound is powerful. Some of the most healing and restorative sounds can be found in nature. It is important to take time away from more harmful sounds that impose themselves in our everyday lives (ringtones, buzzing, traffic, construction, trains, TVs, etc..) and step into the healing sounds of nature. 

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