Self-care for the Holidays

Feeling stressed out this Holiday season? STOP. Breathe... and give yourself some LOVE with these easy and delicious self-care tips. 

Bringing awareness to the subconcious 

Do you ever find yourself in constant situations of stress, frustration and annoyance? Do you have terrible road rage? Are you easily triggered by various "annoyances?" There is an origin to suffering and distress, and it lies in the subconcious mind and body. 

Organic deodorant that actually works

As an excessive sweater myself, I have struggled for years with the decision between using antiperspirant and all natural deodorant. BUT I finally found one that rocks my world, and allows me to smell like a field of lavender all day long. 

DIY Vegan Hair Mask

DIY hemp oil hair mask

There's nothing worse than feeling like your hair is dry, brittle and falling out! This vegan hair mask is super easy to make and will promote strength, shine and hair growth! 

The true meaning of yoga

What does the word yoga truly mean, from a historical and philosophical standpoint, and why is it unbelievably relevant to you?

How to do a digital detox

Digital detoxing is something that has changed my life! I explain why I do this on the reg, why, and how you can too. 

Sound healing explained

Sound has been used for thousands of years to heal and unify. Sound healing is a powerful practice to balance the energy field of the body and align the mind, body and soul. 

The Power Of The Mind | Sky Life mini doc

She defied all odds even when the doctors told her she would never walk again. Soak in the inspiring story of Suzette Faith Foster who used the power of the mind and energy healing to recover from a traumatic injury. 

Ayurveda cooking to balance your body | Clearwater Retreat 

How can we use food as medicine to balance our bodies? Belinda Macri from Clearwater Retreat shares the ancient Indian medicinal practice of Ayurveda and how we can use food as medicine.  

Mindfulness for your everyday life

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that focuses on the present moment. Here are fun and easy ways to practice mindfulness.

Yoga sequence for empowerment and fulfilling your dreams

For all those times you experience fear or self-doubt, practice this quick yoga sequence to take back your power!

Guided meditation for stressful moments

Cole Harbur takes us through a simple guided meditation sequence that you can practice anytime, anywhere.